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Amy Larson - Life Coach and Career Coach recommended Reading

Recommended Books

Here’s a collection of the books that have been instrumental to me on my journey as a Life Coach and Career Coach as well as during my Positive Psychology training and in my ongoing role as a mother to four children.  I hope you find these books as inspiring and helpful as I have!  There’s a link included to purchase any you may be interested in reading.

Start Here - Master the Lifelong Habit of WellbeingLeadership and Self-deception - Getting out of the boxpositivity-barbara-fredricksonEssentialism-George-McKeownGood-to-great-jim-collinsDaring-greatlySelf-compassionA new Earth-Eckhart-TolleHappier-tal-ben-shaharThe art of possibilityTaming Your GremlinHow to win friends and influence peopleMindset-the new psychology of successThe-7-Habits-of-highly-Effective-People.jpgThe-Happiness-AdvantageTuesdays-with-MorrieThe Power of NowThe How of HappinessThe Happiness HypothesisUntethered Soul Michael singerEmotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis bradberry and Jean GravesThanks - how practicing gratitude can make you happier by Robert EmmonsThe fine art of not giving a f*ck by mark manson

My Favorite Parenting Books:

Siblings Without RivalryTeach Your Children Wellhow to talk so kids will listenParenting-with-love-and-logic-jim-fayAmy Larson suggested parent book: Staying Connected to your Teenager by Michael Riera