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How will a Life Coach help me?

Here are just a few of the topics we can work on together in your life coaching sessions:

  • What do I REALLY want?
  • How do I find more meaning and pleasure in my life?
  • How do I establish a better work/life balance?
  • How do I navigate this challenging transition?
  • How do I strengthen my connections and relationships?
  • How do I cultivate more positivity and optimism in my life?
  • How do I become a better parent?

Other common topics include navigating divorce, retirement, new parenting or “empty nest” syndrome.

So how does Life Coaching work?

Together we will create a new level of awareness of your own untapped knowledge, strengths, and resources to spark positive change in your life via three basic steps:

Goal Clarification and Options

As your coach, I’ll listen with empathy and compassion and together we’ll do an assessment of where you are now, what’s the challenge or situation you are facing and/or the goal you’re hoping to achieve. I’ll ask clarifying questions and challenge some of your basic assumptions and self-limiting beliefs to encourage expansive thinking and to ensure your goal is concrete and in alignment with your core values. We’ll discuss many options for reaching your goal and choose the best one(s) together.

This is a wonderful process of exploration, insights and expansive thinking that leads to clear-cut goals.

Strategize – Strengths and Resources

Next, we’ll determine what you already bring to the process by assessing your character strengths, internal and external resources, and your skill set to get you where you need to go. This exploration inevitably discloses more resources than you might imagine and a greater appreciation of all you have available to help you on your journey.

Getting there

We’ll create a detailed plan with concrete, actionable steps to achieve your most important life aspirations. We’ll work together to create and implement new habits that will support you long-term in your endeavors. And we’ll predict and assess any obstacles you may encounter and how to plan and modify the process accordingly.

Some progress will be made in our sessions and some in between as you choose to establish new habits, thought patterns and behaviors and live with renewed focus and purpose.

I’ll be there to support you and help you reflect and gain insights on what’s working and how to improve and enhance the process.

How long will this take?

The good news is many of my clients achieve results quite quickly – often in just 4-6 sessions. So why wait? You can schedule your complimentary session today.

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I also specialize in career coaching and health and wellness coaching (see below).

My work with Amy greatly enhanced my personal life goals and had the added benefit of helping me redirect career goals that I had abandoned overtime when work and life got too busy. I sought out Amy for life coaching in an attempt to find a better work/life balance. I felt that we made great progress after just a few sessions and by the completion of our time working together, I had strategies in place that have helped in a multitude of areas. Amy’s warm professional manner made it easy for me to relax into the process and achieve a much-needed balance of work and play.

Cristina – Attorney, Founding Partner in Multi-State Law Firm

I am so grateful for the incredible support Amy has provided me throughout multiple career and life transitions. She has introduced me to invaluable tools and resources which help me to manage time, prioritize tasks, and set achievable expectations in both the professional and personal realm. I have become so much more mindful and at peace with my priorities and goals thanks to her guidance. I am also so much more confident in myself and clear on what my strengths are. I always look forward to our sessions and feel so energized after them. I sincerely look forward to working with her as life progresses!

Ariel C., Program Manager, International Child Advocacy Foundation

After a 20+ year career in my field, I was ready to explore a new opportunity and Amy was the perfect person to help me navigate that process.  Amy’s approach was structured, non-threatening, and very eye-opening. She is warm, open, thoughtful and smart. She helped me identify my core values, think about my life in new ways, and understand the things that hold me back. She’s a great listener who doesn’t offer solutions but rather provides a strategic, personalized framework and the right level of accountability so you can find your own answers and path.  

– Christine P., Marketing and Communications Executive

I went to Amy for help prioritizing a few competing objectives in my life, including finding value in my current work while simultaneously looking for other jobs and exploring the possibility of returning to school for an advanced degree. Amy helped me identify the values that underpin my life and how to use them to make decisions. She gave me practical tools I now use daily to decide what is important to me, how I want to spend my time and move my life forward. I’m no longer incredibly anxious about all the things I have to get done. I can now give myself permission to chip away at projects and also have fun along the way thanks to Amy’s guidance.

 Fiona K., Marketing Manager

Working with Amy was a great experience. Never before in my life have I had such a positive outlook and strong understanding of who I am, my strengths and how to use them. It was much more than just learning a few tips to help me get a job. I feel like I learned the building blocks to not only succeed in getting a job but also furthering my career, keeping a positive outlook look on life and happiness in all aspects of my life.

Cory Z., Radio Frequency Technician

Anxiety and self-doubt have plagued me for quite some time now, and I was not sure that I would find the tools to remove or weaken those obstacles. After working with Amy, all of that has changed for the better. Through the many methods of self-reflection, mindfulness, meditation, and identification of personal strengths, Amy has taught me many valuable tools to redirect negativity into positive thinking. I am more aware of anxious thoughts, more grateful, and much happier than I was before being coached by Amy. Never did I feel judged or criticized when working with Amy, as she always approaches each topic of discussion with compassion and understanding. I cannot recommend her enough!

– Ethan G., Student

Health and Wellness Coaching

Amy Larson Coaching: Wellness Coaching Boulder CO

How will a Health and Wellness Coach help me?

Here are just a few of the topics we can work on together in your Health and Wellness coaching sessions:

  • How can I reduce my stress levels?
  • How do I cultivate more positivity in my life?
  • How do I get healthier without cutting all the fun out of my life?
  • How do I strengthen my connections and relationships?
  • How might I forgive myself or someone around me?

If these are questions you’re asking yourself, I applaud your interest and efforts to focus on your health and wellness. This is a very important first step for reaching ANY of your life goals and for successfully meeting your life priorities.

Good health and wellness are the backbones of our happiness and success. If we’re not in good health we won’t have the energy or focus to attain our other life goals and to face life’s challenges.

I really enjoy working with clients to clearly define and set goals around their health and wellness. It’s challenging to make positive and deliberate choices throughout our days and weeks. And it can be done! It leads to positive improvements in our energy levels, self-perception and self-compassion, and the good news is it becomes self-fulfilling. The better we feel, the more we want to feel good!

Working with a Health and Wellness Coach

As your wellness coach, I’ll help you set, stick to and achieve your wellness goals. First, we’ll clearly define what you really, really want to accomplish in this realm. The more specific the better. Is it to fit into an old pair of jeans, become more present, be kinder to yourself, sustain a healthier diet or have deeper relationships with others?

Next, we’ll look at different ways of achieving your wellness goals given your specific likes and dislikes as well as your other life priorities and responsibilities. We’ll then work together to choose the most viable path(s) to success.

Finally, we’ll create very specific steps to reach your goals and strategize how to deal with obstacles and resistances that will inevitably occur. We’ll work together to make your good health and wellbeing your “default” mode!

I have a lot of interest in health and wellbeing, as I ‘ve been living with an autoimmune disorder for several years and have had to eliminate several foods groups from my diet and add several other wellness practices to my regimen to sustain my health.

I’ll bring compassion, empathy, and accountability to our coaching sessions to help you achieve your wellness goals.

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