“Amy Larson is a fantastic coach. She is kind, compassionate, tactful and effective in giving structure to the process of taking inventory of one’s professional and personal direction and goals. In our work together, she provided a wide array of tools to use, some of which I found extremely useful and have integrated into my daily living. She knows when it’s time to nudge and when and how to listen well. I’m grateful for working with Amy, and as a result of our process, I am wholeheartedly embarking on a new professional venture.”

– Maureen E., Lawyer

A life-changing relationship. Life-changing. It took me almost 1 year to find a good coaching fit, I had about 6 initial consults with multiple highly referred and reviewed individuals, but up until meeting Amy, I have not met a single person as interested in getting to know me on an intimate level at the intersection of life and career. Amy’s approach is to focus on all of what makes you great, exposing, exploring, and developing your most brilliant strengths in all areas of your life so you can work towards being the best human, the most complete, and most fulfilled human being you can be.  Every time we speak I grow, every time we speak I learn more about myself, every time we speak I’m positively challenged.

– Darryl M., Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

I am so grateful for the incredible support Amy has provided me throughout multiple career and life transitions. She has introduced me to invaluable tools and resources which help me to manage time, prioritize tasks, and set achievable expectations in both the professional and personal realm. I have become so much more mindful and at peace with my priorities and goals thanks to her guidance. I am also so much more confident in myself and clear on what my strengths are. I always look forward to our sessions and feel so energized after them. I sincerely look forward to working with her as life progresses!

Ariel C., Program Manager, International Child Advocacy Foundation

I will be forever grateful to Amy for the career and life guidance she provided me, the self-reflection she instilled in me, and the genuine support she extended to me during and after my coaching sessions with her.  Amy’s coaching provided me with the tools I needed to identify my true strengths, to recognize and clarify the value of my varied work experience, and to find meaningful ways in which to pursue my passions while remaining true to myself.  Amy’s positivity is infectious and instilled greater confidence in me.  In sum, Amy is a wonderful resource and has had a tremendous impact on my career and my life.  I wholeheartedly recommend her.

 Mike M., Attorney and University Professor

What a terrific journey it has been with Amy! I went back and forth on whether to hire a career coach and finally decided to make the investment. What a great decision that was. My primary goal was simply to gain clarity around what I wanted to do professionally, where I wanted to be in a few years, and what I’m working toward. After 6 sessions, I can confidently and enthusiastically say I’ve accomplished what I set out to do, all with Amy’s help and guidance. There’s a great chance I’ll be back for additional sessions with her as I continue my journey forward. I highly recommend reaching out to her to at least start the conversation of how you might be able to work together. Thank you for everything, Amy!

–Sara H., Senior Marketing Director

After a 20+ year career in my field, I was ready to explore a new opportunity and Amy was the perfect person to help me navigate that process.  Amy’s approach was structured, non-threatening, and very eye-opening. She is warm, open, thoughtful and smart. She helped me identify my core values, think about my life in new ways, and understand the things that hold me back. She’s a great listener who doesn’t offer solutions but rather provides a strategic, personalized framework and the right level of accountability so you can find your own answers and path.  

– Christine P., Marketing and Communications Executive

I am a recent graduate of CU Boulder and I reached out to Amy to help with my job search process.  I had been searching for a number of months with zero responses.  Amy helped me define my personal and business strengths and how to apply these to the job search process and in interviews. We also narrowed down my search based on my preferences for industry, location and job type. I think Amy’s best advice was to trust the process and to take the tools we worked on and apply them.  I’m happy to say that I am now employed with a top 100 Tech startup.  I attribute a majority of my success at landing this job to Amy’s coaching.

– Mateo G.

I went to Amy for help prioritizing a few competing objectives in my life, including finding value in my current work while simultaneously looking for other jobs and exploring the possibility of returning to school for an advanced degree. Amy helped me identify the values that underpin my life and how to use them to make decisions. She gave me practical tools I now use daily to decide what is important to me, how I want to spend my time and move my life forward. I’m no longer incredibly anxious about all the things I have to get done. I can now give myself permission to chip away at projects and also have fun along the way thanks to Amy’s guidance.

 Fiona K., Marketing Manager

Amy worked with me for several months as I explored a mid-life career transition.  She helped me dive into my skills, interests, strengths, and accomplishments and helped me identify common themes and business strengths in my diverse work background. Amy helped me create a kick-ass resume and bolstered my self-esteem.  I am now on a year-long journey back to entrepreneurship in a field I have a high level of interest in. She also coached me through some difficult and sticky situations in my current role that allowed me to stay employed on much better terms and with better boundaries.  I highly recommend Amy if you want a holistic approach to redesigning your life and career! 

– Tawney P., Marketing Manager, Entrepreneur

Working with Amy was a great experience. Never before in my life have I had such a positive outlook and strong understanding of who I am, my strengths and how to use them. It was much more than just learning a few tips to help me get a job. I feel like I learned the building blocks to not only succeed in getting a job but also furthering my career, keeping a positive outlook look on life and happiness in all aspects of my life.

Cory Z., Radio Frequency Technician

Amy helped me discover my strengths and more importantly, my interests and how to match those two to bring more meaning to my work and life. I now spend time deliberately on those few essential things.  She introduced many helpful tools and helped me take decisive action instead of being stuck in analysis.  I’m almost 20 years into my career and highly recommend Amy if you are considering a career change or just want more meaning in your current career.

 Christie D., Director of Business Development

Amy gave me the confidence I needed to dive into the job hunt. Above all, she showed me how I can lean into my personal strengths, by helping me see how even my softest skills can be used to make me stand out in the workplace. As someone fresh into their career, it was incredibly helpful for me to learn how to tailor my experience & personal strengths to fit the job requirements in even an unrelated field. The main reason I chose Amy was because of her approach to coaching where she focused on strengths, values, and positivity. What I loved the most about working with her was that her recommendations were always based on who I am as a person. She spent a lot of time getting to know me, which helped both of us become grounded in who I am. She listened to me with energy and without judgment. She organically gave thoughtful advice that helped guide my new life. She encouraged me to take the time I needed to build healthy habits that would stick with me for the rest of my life (meditation, running, yoga).

Jordan F., Junior Marketing Analyst

My work with Amy greatly enhanced my personal life goals and had the added benefit of helping me redirect career goals that I had abandoned overtime when work and life got too busy. I sought out Amy for life coaching in an attempt to find a better work/life balance. I felt that we made great progress after just a few sessions and by the completion of our time working together, I had strategies in place that have helped in a multitude of areas. Amy’s warm professional manner made it easy for me to relax into the process and achieve a much-needed balance of work and play.  

– Cristina – Attorney, Founding Partner in Multi-State Law Firm

As somebody who had never worked with a coach, I was nervous to start.  Amy’s style and approach quickly allayed those fears.  Her warmth, intuition, and listening skills created a comfortable and trusting dynamic.  From there, she leveraged her corporate experience and astute insight to push me professionally and form better habits.  I’m a more effective manager and worker because of her. 

– Loren K., Vice President, Wealth Advisor

I worked with Amy to help me make informed decisions involving a recent career change following a significant life change and city change. Amy helped me sort through the difficulties surrounding these changes by empowering me to name my personal life values and realize my inborn talents. By doing so, I was able to build a new life and career map. Amy is an intentional listener who takes many notes during the sessions to better understand and serve her client’s needs. I felt empowered to know myself on a holistic level and in return, found my confidence reignited as I’ve moved forward armed with newfound clarity.

– Hannah B., Small Business Owner

Amy provided me with all the right resources and tools to help inspire and guide me in the process of finding a career that fuels me. Her approach using positive psychology was extremely helpful and just as important in this process as finding my strengths and narrowing down my passions. I put in a lot of work and effort thanks to her detailed exercises that gave me incredible breakthroughs and a more positive outlook on my career path. I am truly grateful for everything she has done for me and all the breakthroughs that came out of working with he

– Nicole W., Quality Assurance

I had a fantastic experience working with Amy. Among other things she helped me understand my professional strengths and develop language and thought patterns to help incorporate those strengths into my career journey. I left with a sense of positivity and clarity of thought that I know will benefit me for years to come.

– Will D., Data Analyst